yönka designs insightful websites for small and medium-sized businesses. We create a strong visual identity for your brand or business and help you connect with potential clients.

Our clients are mainly small and midsize businesses. We are happy to help all kinds of companies and freelancers in their branding and web design needs, from restaurants to bars, yoga studios, psychologists, and lawyers. The design process starts always from the client’s needs. We work from Groningen, Holland, to clients everywhere in the world. Get in touch in Dutch, English, or Spanish.

We cover all your visual needs from website design to graphic design, photography, redesign, branding, and social media design. Learn more about our services and get in touch.

yönka  is a full-service design agency specialized in website creation and design. We study your brand history and create a visual strategy that works. yönka helps you stand out and grow your business.

Branding and rebranding

Building a clear, distinguished brand identity is the basis for effective visual communication. We create a complete visual identity for your business, starting from logo design. Let us tell your visual story.


Social media

We create a visual social media strategy for your company and create the visual content you need. Give a kick to your social media feed with our help. We work in all social media platforms from Facebook to Instagram.


Web design

A good website is both visually interesting and functional. yönka creates websites that please the eye, perform well, and are easy to use. We can surprise your customers or keep it simple – you decide. Tell us what you need, we make it happen.



Do not underestimate the value of quality photography when creating a visual identity for your brand. We are also photographers. yönka offers photo content for all your company’s needs, from business branding to personal branding and social media photography.


Send us a message and let’s talk!

Get in touch with yönka online design. Ask more about our services, prices, and service packages – or just say hello! We work from Groningen, Holland, to clients everywhere in the world. Get in touch in Dutch, English, or Spanish.


Branding & Online design

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9723 HE, Groningen.
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